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In qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil Switzerland stands proudly at the top of the group with Iceland and Albania as the most formidable competitors. With 11 points from five games do the swiss excellent in the weak group. Opponent Cyprus has been a dwarf size. The small island has four points after five games and only know Slovenia under view. The Cypriots won home to Iceland.

It has an experienced goalkeeper Bengali of Wolfsburg. The talented Swiss youth teams of recent years also seem finally to assert. In the first team Most players play in German and Italian average performers. In addition, also revived Swiss club teams some players delivered.

Senders of Flam, Dourer Hanover 96 and Litter from Fuentes are some prized defensive forces. The midfield contains Shapiro Bayer Munich and Inlet (captain) and Bahrain sufficient quality and experience. Add to that Barnett at and there is a male society. Front lacks real Goal getters. Jovanovich has six caps 4 goals scored and is top scorer of the attackers.

The Cypriot team has little to offer on the international top level. With occasional blip down and rarely upwards, does Cyprus for decades for bacon and beans along. Doing Cyprus this qualifying campaign very charming. With narrow defeats and a draw at home against the Swiss note been, the country has presented himself well.

Some well-known footballers for the lovers of the Romanian defender Choriambus and Value midfielder Maries of Metallurgy Don'ts. Continue playing all internationals in the Cypriot teams in recent years, becoming something better to play. It is therefore reasonable some money. However, it does not seem enough against the solid Swiss for their home crowd.

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