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The King Bedouin Stadium is sold to a success gasping football people together on 7 June. The Red Devils take on in this qualifying campaign disappointing Serbs. The Belgians are at the top of the group with 16 points from six games, while main competitor Croatia has many points. The Belgians have to actually win to keep fighting. For first place There they will to do anything. Take a look at my favourite website Online casinos and start playing with finest online casinos.

The hungry team coach Wilmot's want to end a tournament. For the first time since 2002 The 'dark period' behind the Belgians. With a fresh and young team full of upcoming stars arrived and they want to the World Cup. The excellent keeper Courteous is a solid company with one of the best defenses in the world: Vernon, Alder we, Vermilion and Company his world.

Ndebele, Wetzel and De Bruin also in midfield. However, probably plays Fellahin. Front Bent eke go, just in time restored the Hazard and probably Martens Child or fight it out. A World team in the making just won 0-2 and the United States.

The Serbs perform hitherto erratic and below average in the group. With only 7 points from 6 games played, the team off more or less. If some do, it will be on the seventh June everything out of the closet to pick and hope for a miracle in the other matches. Stary playing your favorite casino games at finest Australian casinos which you can find at

At the back are the 'loggers' of the Balkans, such as the defense of Serbia sometimes affectionately called. By their own supporters Ivan Vic, Subtonic, Kowari and probably Talmudic form the strong response to the Belgian wing flash. Kazoo and Attic, the creative forces in society are. In the attack, one does not walk around the glory of the past. Therefore, because of the home advantage and fresh Belgian team who feel like it is amply Belgium win.

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