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In the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, is a loaded game played between two countries together are encountered. Several times in recent years The last four games between the two superpowers finished 0-0. During a friendly game last year and the World Cup in 2010 was hard fought, but not scored.

The Studio Centenaries forms the backdrop of the fierce battle that will undoubtedly take place. Uruguay wants to own audience flames against. In particular, the meeting between the absolute star of Uruguay, Suarez, and is interesting.

The defender Vera had several last year - assumed - racist lefties the Uruguay striker. The selection includes many dark players who have already announced what appears to be nothing to tolerate racism. The media widely reported this. This may be a hard game of it.

Furthermore, the seem internationals with the long flight in the legs to have the match in very little meaning. Bunch Damps fog Nacre but does have access to many top players including spit Bozeman. Also Giroux Arsenal and Gomes from Lyon are real top players. Loris is an excellent goalkeeper. Debauchee, Oscine, Saga and Mathieu are just some of the many good defenders in the selection. The midfield with Cab aye, Val Buena and Gourd cuff peppered creativity.

The Uruguayan coach Tavares has access to many topsides. Suarez, CabaƱa and Forman veteran shooting all with sharp. Furthermore, Rodriguez, Gonzalez securities Garbanzo in midfield. Also former jacked Older is selected. Muller is probably the goal. The Uruguyanen do at home everything to win. The house advantage in mind and the possibility of a heated pot after a long and grueling season for the French in the prospect, the Uruguayans will probably draw the longest straw.

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