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The World Match play darts is a special tournament. The tournament organized by bookmaker Stan James is not finished with the help of a number of sets, but is played and decided by a large number of legs. This is in contrast to the traditional dart tournament.

Where it basically is about as much as possible to gain sets, and in which the legs are only the basis of the sets. This structure has the tournament many surprising results and possibilities, which makes it very interesting for you to look at this tournament and enjoy it by placing bets on your favorite darts player.

The tournament is finished every July at the Winter Gardens, a pub in Blackpoll. More than 2000 supporters and spectators attend the matches live in and enjoy beer, excitement and entertainment during the games. Stan James has filled the prize and every year there is less than 300,000 British Pound in this prize.

The winner will go home with more than 60,000 Pounds and can therefore again a while. The tournament is played over a number of rounds and in a main event in which 32 darters participate. This 32 darters determine some legs who runs off with the prize.

Maybe you too go off there with a nice price, after you have placed a good bet for example on the winner of the World Match play tournament or the winner of a single race. Betting on the World Match play is very simple: go to the website of your favorite online bookmaker and choose a favorite player.

After you have placed a bet, you wait and go enjoy the undoubtedly good performance of your players. Betting on darts competitions is absolutely worth during the World Match play tournament and can bring you a lot, both in entertainment and in hard cash.

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