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The football season for the club coming to an end and that means that there are plenty of standard attention comes back to international football. What about the Championships for the promises of the Confederations Cup this summer will take place. In late May there is already a few days international football instead. Include Belgium will take office. The team plays an away game against the United States and is keen on a good result. A preview.

Belgium is still in the race to qualify for the World Cup. The team does have the necessary star team. There are even on the current selection is one of the best selections in the history of Belgian football. That's not crazy given that Premier League stars like Hazard, Company, Feline and Jan Verge are among the selection.

In addition, there are some stars playing in other leagues along. The team is slowly becoming a whole and Belgium is certainly an opponent to be reckoned with. The Belgians will at least every effort to meet the expectations of the outside world and that the United States will very hard time getting it.

The is not the football country par excellence. However, there is considerable development took place in the football in recent years. Of course, other sports like basketball, football and baseball always given priority in most people of the but football is well on the rise, both in popularity and in terms of level.

We can also see the growing number of playing in a competition. The country can still place for the World Cup in Belgium and has a good opponent to see where they stand. Although Ecuador is a football country is emerging with great talents, we can still see all the big favorite weird during this. The might have the best players in the world and want to prove themselves so all they can get. A place in the World There will be so full of knew gone, even if it is a friendly match.

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