Popular professional football leagues

Two of the most popular professional football leagues in the world are La Liga in Spain and the English Premier League in England.

The big question on the minds of many though is what league is the better of the two.

The English Premier League, which has used that name since 1992, was created in 1888 making it the oldest and most watched football league anywhere in the world. The league also has the highest revenues from television rights.

However, according to the UEFA rankings the English Premier League is the number two league in Europe. Five clubs in the league have won the Champions League title for best club in Europe with 12 titles in all held by EPL clubs.

Liverpool has the most European titles with 5, while Manchester United has 3, Nottingham Forest 2, and Aston Villa and Chelsea 1 each.

Out of the top 20 favorites to win the Champions League title this coming season four are from the English Premier League with Manchester City the highest at No. 4 and Arsenal at No. 9. These odds can be found while carrying out sportsbook reviews on the Internet.

La Liga in Spain know as well by the name Primera Division began in 1929. It is the strongest league currently in Europe according to the European governing body UEFA.

Between Barcelona and Real Madrid 16 Champions League titles have been won with Real having won 11, while Barcelona has 5. Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia have all won titles in Europe with Sevilla winning three straight.

In the Champions League futures, Barcelona is at the top, while Real Madrid is No. 3, Atletico Madrid No. 5 and Sevilla No. 10 giving La Liga 4 clubs in the top 10 on the futures board.

The Premier League and La Liga are football’s most popular leagues across the globe and millions of fans across all continents follow the two leagues.

However, at this time La Liga in Spain is the most talented top to bottom as evidenced by the number of clubs in the top 10 on the Champions League futures board.

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