Can the Redskins turn around their season

Can the Washington Redskins turnaround the football season of 2014? This is one of the most important questions that perhaps are rising in the heads of all the football lovers. Redskins have been battered and beaten in this season in the first couple of games itself. Like its previous history, this is not the first time that the Redskins have faced such results in the first half of the football. And this team has proven itself to rise from bad score to winning the games in the latter half of the season. Hence, considering its current score in the football season and witnessing four straight defeats cannot be the basis to think that it cannot still rise. However, five straight defeats might change the color of leaves all together and it might leave the Redskins completely hopeless for this season as far as the history of five straight defeats in the football season speaks.

The Washington Redskins have made history in the football season of the year 2012. They had a score of 3-6 in the beginning and then they went for straight seven wins. This shows that this team does have a potential to rise in this season as well. Even in the sports betting in Virginia football season of last year they had reached the same point where they finished 3-13. Redskins do have a reason for hope but its a matter for concern also. This is time for them to prove and maintain their identity. The team does have young players and out of those Robert Griffin III is one of the reasons of hope for the team. Though he is a great player but he also has a record of getting sacked more than 32 times overall. His appearance in the coming games can prove both good and bad to the Redskins.

The redskins need to consider their inconsistencies. In the past six games, they have been able to only top 21 points. They do move the ball but don’t seem to score many points. Perhaps if Griffin returns to the team, the football lovers might be able to see a better run game and a blasting performance of the team scoring more points. Right now, the team is minus 9 overall but a good news for the Redskins is that out of all its seven remaining opponents, six teams have turned it over about 15 times plus they had ranked in the lower half of the league. This could prove to be an advantage for the Redskins only if they perform well in the next couple of games.

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